Are you looking for an adorable yet affordable gift for those coworkers who keep you sane throughout the year? Better yet, are you trying to figure out what to get your child’s teacher this holiday season? Or perhaps you just have a family member with an affinity for office supplies? (Maybe that’s not a thing, but I going with it.) In any case, I think I have the gift for you: The Sleigh Full of Supplies. It’s a knock-off of a Pinterest classic (see here), but I’ve changed it up a little!  Check out my tutorial below, and let me know how things go if you try this crafty gift on your own.

BLOG TUT 1- Sleigh
What You Need : Two candy canes, a sturdy Ghirardelli squares container (or a Kit Kat bar will do), rectangular post-it pad, two-pack of Sharpies, travel size hand sanitizer, scissors, tape, ribbon  (All of these items can be found at your local Target. Although the total materials used for this gift totaled less than five dollars, you’ll want to budget at least $100 for the trip. Because…Target. On second thought, maybe you should protect your bank account and hit up your local Walgreens for the supplies instead. )
BLOG TUT 2- Sleigh
Optional Decorative Items: Overpriced wrapping paper and bow
BLOG TUT 3- Sleigh
1. Tape the candy canes to the back of the candy container. (I placed tape at the base of the cane and about half way up the cane to keep it stable. )
BLOG TUT 4- Sleigh
2. Turn it over! You made a sleigh!
BLOG TUT 5- Sleigh
3. Stack your sticky notes and Sharpies. (OPTIONAL: Use wrapping paper to bind these together.)
BLOG TUT 6- Sleigh
4. Place the sticky notes and Sharpies on the sleigh.
BLOG TUT 7- Sleigh
5. Use a little tape loop to attach the hand sanitizer to the top of the Sharpies pack.
BLOG TUT 8- Sleigh
6. Cross wrap the whole rig together with ribbon.
BLOG TUT 8 Sleigh
OPTIONAL: Top it with a shiny bow!

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