Every year before this one, I’ve made a resolution list. It’s always some version of the same notions:

  1. Health
  2. Professional growth
  3. Better adulting

Frankly, I’m terrible at the first, overly-invested in the second, and somewhere in the middle with the third. I’m painfully consistent every year. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. I’ve decided I’m not kicking off my year that way again. In the spirit of progress, I’m creating a New Year’s Concessions list. I’m just going to start by owning the things that are innately part of my life and build from that place of truth. I’m going to start with what is before I start reaching for what can be. That lofty vision of the future can wait until tomorrow. Here goes!

 My New Year’s Concessions

  1. Mountains of clean laundry will be abandoned on the floor more often than they are put away. Standing applause for you superheroes out there who move clothes from the dryer to the closet in under an hour. You’re killin’ it. I’m not, and I’ve made peace with it. I’m not going to look back at the end in my life and say, “Man, I wish I’d been more diligent in my laundry routine.” The clothes are clean, and that’s just going to have to be good enough! Toddlers need to eat, assignments need to be made, and Mama needs to write.Laundry Piles
  2. There will be no #squadgoals achieved this year. This season of my life isn’t conducive to being a group-shopping, Friendsgiving, connected-every-day-in-a-group-text kind of person.  I see you women out there going to concerts together or meeting regularly for your girlfriend dinners. You’re awesome! I can’t wait to join your ranks someday when I can come up for air. (I’m not saying I don’t have friends or that I don’t value them.  I’m just being realistic about the limited time I spend with a few very dear, inspiring, but busy women. Stealing an hour away together is a struggle. Maybe when we’re older…)dessert.jpg
  3. My love affair with dessert will not be going away. I just love dessert. It’s happy-making, and I’m not breaking up with it. I can, however, embrace “The Orpha Lee Slice”. (My great-grandma Orpha was known for taking the tiniest sliver of dessert she could carve off, and I’ve always made a joke of it. I get it now.)
  4. I’m going to get a lot of things wrong this year. I’m going to make mistakes as a mom and a wife and daughter and a teacher. I’m going to fall off the wagon with my fitness and climb back on. I’m going to do things that sabotage my creativity. I’m going to tick people off. Then, I’m going to make the adjustment and move forward, remembering that I’m doing the important work by making the attempt every day. I’m going to appreciate the process and not obsess over the progress.

With these concessions in mind, I’m ready to move into the new year with love for this moment I’m living and the self I am right now. Would I love tighter abs and a publishing deal? Yeah. Yeah, I would. But writing to my audience of two blog followers in the extra-large pants I wore to beginners yoga this morning is great, too. Change will come this year; things will be lost and gained regardless of what intentions I bring to my days. I’ll embrace growth when it’s time, but in the meantime, I’m putting my energy to being joyful right here.

I wish y’all peace and positive energy in the days to come. I hope you love more, read more, laugh more, and sit on the porch at sunset more. I hope you find ways to cheer for the people around you and for the person staring back at you in the mirror, too. I hope you allow yourself some concessions so that you have room to enjoy your life now while you’re stretching toward the you that awaits in 2018.

Enjoy the day!



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